Benefits of Massage

The benefits of massage are well documented by both traditional medicine and complimentary therapy practitioners.   Yet it is often seen as a luxury to ‘treat’ yourself to a massage.

The positive effects on both the psychological and the physiological aspects of an individual can be very noticeable.

Some of the more common benefits of massage therapy can include:

  • Decreased levels of stress hormones
  • Increased productivity of white blood cells for improved immune system function
  • Restful sleeping patterns
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Increased concentration levels… to name just a few

But you may be surprised to know that massage can also help:

  • The body’s natural waste removal system by stimulating the digestive system and improving gut motility
  • The heart by decreasing the body’s natural resting heart rate
  • In the assistance of breaking down scar tissue after injury or trauma
  • Management of mental health conditions including anxiety disorders, depression and panic attacks
  • Improve self image and raise self worth in those with low confidence   reflected orchid and candle

Increasingly NHS Hospital Trusts and Primary Care services in the UK are adopting and/or referring to more and more complimentary therapies as a way to support the general treatment of patients.

Just because massage therapy feels like a luxurious pamper treat does not mean that it is any less therapeutic and as a result should be considered as part of any healthy lifestyle plan.

Contact me to discuss a treatment tailored to your individual needs.


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